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why do you use wool?

a description about why i love wool and all of it's magical properities

Why wool?

well... merino wool is a remarkable fibre that has amazing qualities to harness in wearable items, here are a few:

Because i love it!

this is the main reason... the first time i worked with wool i fell in love.  merino wool felt is so soft, so light and yet so incredibly strong.  the fibres feel alive when i sculpt with them and embody natural forms so well.  

Breathable and controls moisture

wool is excellent to wear in the rain.  it can absorb 30% of its own weight without feeling damp and naturally wicks away moisture by releasing it into the air.  this is why it is such a popular fibre with sea-faring folk

Regulates Temperature

wool is a natural insulator that keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm


wool is a resilient and elastic fibre that retains its shape.  in felt, each fibre winds and twists around neighbouring fibres in a random fashion making an incredibly strong and durable fabric even as it feels light and soft 

Water Repellent

wool fibres resist rain and snow because they are covered in tiny scales that act like shingles on a roof.  this along with it's temperature regulating qualities make wool amazing to wear as headwear

Resists Dirt and Smells

merino has a natural protective layer that repels stains and odours, making it easy to care for

Resistant to fire and UV rays

merino contains natural fire retardants that give it the natural ability to self-extinguish and provides protection from UV radiation

Ethical and sustainable

the merino wool that i have chosen to work with has been sourced from farms that practice humane and environmentally responsible farming practices.  the sheep are never exposed to the painful process of mulesing and comply with organic and EMAS (environmental audit) standards.