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how do i care for my hat?

a description of proper care and handling of wool products

How do i care for my hat?

merino wool is a magical fiber.  because it naturally resists dirt and odour it does not require cleaning as much as other materials.  that being said, life happens… so if your hat needs a little sprucing up, don’t worry!  it will wash and bounce back beautifully.

Spot Clean

generally dirt will sit on the surface of the merino felt and often can be dabbed or wiped off without the use of soap; however, if it is a little more stubborn, wet the spot with room temperature water and gently rub in just a bit of wool safe detergent (olive oil soap works great!) to lift the stain.  rinse and pat dry.


if you would like to give your item a full immersion bath, that is totally fine!  remove any non-wool embellishments (leather bands, etc) and follow the instructions of your wool friendly detergent.  always use room temperature or cooler water (as hot water will encourage the fibres to felt, causing shrinkage) and massage the item gently.  once clean, remove excess water by rolling it up in a towel.  reshape your item as desired and let air dry.  once the item is dry it will hold it’s shape because wool has an amazing elastic memory.


if your item needs a little fine-tuning or adjusting, you are in luck!  wool can be easily reshaped with the application of hot steam from your iron… just steam the area until it is hot all the way through, stretch/curl/bend the area into your desired position and hold it there until it is fully cooled.  once cooled, the wool will want to stay in it’s new shape because of it’s resilient fibre memory.

Wool Moths

unfortunately these winged insects think wool is a tasty treat; however they very much dislike the taste of lavender, so all of my creations are rinsed with a touch of essential oil to dissuade them.  if you are concerned you have clothes/wool moths in your house, the best repellent is to wear your item often and keep it in a light and airy space (as they prefer dark and hidden places) or store in a cedar chest or drawer with a packet of lavender. 


you can wear your hat in all weather, and certainly need not worry about wearing it in the rain. if your hat does get wet, just be sure to dry in the shape you would like to keep it in as wool has an elastic memory and will return to the shape it was dried in.