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how it my item shipped?

a description of shipping methods and frequently asked questions

How is my item shipped?

Typically shipping is done via Canada Post; however courier options are also available:


Canadian residents will receive their packages via Canada Post air with tracking and typically costs $20CAD.  shipping within Canada generally takes between 2-7 working days.


USA shipments will be sent via Canada Post/USPS air with tracking. Depending on where in the States you reside, post will typically cost $22CAD and take between 5-7 working days. Borders checks can sometimes cause a delay in the estimated times. There are no custom/duty fees on handcrafted items (thank you free trade… please don’t take it away donald!), however, packages may incur your state tax.


While every country is a bit different, generally i will be able to ship via Canada Post air with tracking.  For some reason there are a few countries where tracking is not an option, in this case i suggest a courier service (see below)or take the risk of a non-trackable air shipment.  Air with tracking costs approximately $45CAD, without tracking it is usually $25CAD.  Both options take between 7-10 business days barring delays caused by border inspections. Customs may be charged upon entry to your country - for information, please check your local authority.

Courier Service

If you prefer, you can request courier shipment for your package.  Depending on your country this can double or triple the cost compared to regular shipping; however, they are fast!  They offer 1 day service to the USA and usually 3 day service internationally.  For those living anywhere but the USA and Canada, please note that you will be charged customs fees (whereas with regular post there is only a chance you will be charged).

Customs Fees

If you are in Canada or the USA, you will not be charged border fees; however, if you are in any other country there is a possibility you might.  It is luck of the draw, unfortunately.  If you are concerned about the cost, I recommend that you check with your local authority so you can get an idea of what it might be... every country is different.  If you are international and decide to use a courier service, note that customs fees will definitely be charged.

Shipping Issues and Insurance

There is always a very small, minuscule, rare chance that your package goes missing while in transit.  Thank goodness this has never happened to any of my shipments (knock on wood!), but it is still worth mentioning.  Once the package leaves my hands at the post office I cannot be held responsible for errors of the postal service.  That being said, when shipped via air with tracking you automatically get $100CAD of insurance coverage and can speak to me about increasing that if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Insurance is also available with courier options.