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how do i buy your work?

a description of the buying process

how do i buy your work?

there are two ways to purchase items...

Custom Order

* NOTE * i will not be taking custom orders for 2020. 2019 has had her fair share of hurtles and pressures, causing me to fall behind on my pre-booked orders. i’m not a fan of being late. i’m also not a fan of creating art in an environment of stress and rush, so i made the decision to take a break from customs in 2020 to concentrate on making one-of-a-kind hats for my shop. making this decision has felt like a colossal sigh of relief and i am so excited to have the space to bring to life the hats that have been floating (im)patiently in my imagination. i also know that this may come as a disappointment to those who have been waiting for a custom space… for that i am sorry. i hope that you can follow my adventures on instagram and facebook or via my e-newsletter and, perhaps, one of my new creations will speak to you!

Each year around September I open my custom calendar for the following year.  There are typically two spots available per month and cost $40CAD to reserve... once they are gone, I cannot book any more custom work for that year. (see SHOP for listings) 

When you purchase a custom space month listing, it will prompt you to fill out a questionnaire about what you would like me to make for you. If you are not sure about all the finer details, don't be concerned, just fill out what you can and we can figure the rest out later. At any time in the process you may contact me for a cost estimate, but custom work usually cost between $350-800CAD and up depending on details, complexity and hours of work involved. You can pay for your piece in whatever increments at whatever time works for you, just as long as it is paid in full before it is shipped.

When the time comes for your hat to be created, I will contact you for any final details and set to work!  Generally it takes 2-3 weeks for a hat to be completed.  Along the way, I will send you pictures of the progress and give you the opportunity to make small tweaks and have input into things such as embellishment placement and the like.  Once I have your final approval and full payment has been made, your hat will be shipped! (see SHIPPING for specific details)  

In Stock  

Along side custom work, I also make hats and other accessories and garments for purchase in the IN STOCK area of my shop. These are typically "one of a kind" (OOAK) creations and often the result of day dreams, but can also be variations on work i have done before... it's always a surprise what will show up there. 

The item can be purchased directly in my shop, or if it works better for you, you can contact me to request a layaway.  

Because the work is already made, it can be shipped quickly after payment (2-3 day turn around); however, if you require adjustments or additional embellishments it will take longer (approximately 2-3 weeks).

If you would like to know when new items are about to go up in my shop, the most reliable way is to join my email newsletter, and/or follow me on instagram or facebook (see below).


Purchases can be made directly and securely on my website with credit card or Paypal.  However, if you would prefer some other method of payment or would like to do a layaway/partial payment plan, please CONTACT me... it should be no problem at all!


Returns are accepted for IN STOCK items.  They must be returned 1-2 weeks after receipt of package for a full refund and the shipping cost will be the responsibility of the client.

Returns are NOT accepted for CUSTOM items. That being said, I do everything I can to ensure you are happy with your item before it is shipped, including photos and correspondence throughout the process.  However, mistakes can still happen, so if I have made an error or there is a flaw in my work I will most certainly fix or replace the item if necessary.  If an error was made on behalf of the client, like size measurements, etc, I can definitely help; however a small labour fee and shipping costs may be charged.