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the "oh my gosh my website is functional" hat giveaway!!


so yes, this is a huge reason to celebrate!!  little did i know that it would take me years to make a fully functional website... YEARS!  and when i say "me" what i really mean is that i haphazardly attempted to create a few websites before my most talented friend adrian took pity on me and helped me make this one.  so hat's off (on?) to adrian, my hero.  

in observance of this momentous occasion, i would love to make someone a most excellent hat for free (up to $400CAD in value). this hat can be anything you want it to be (within earthly reason) and will be designed especially for you... it can be anything from simple and everyday to outrageously eccentric, it can be a variation of something i have made before or something completely new.  

so if you would like to throw your name in the hat for the hat (i'm noticing a theme of hat references), i will tell you how...

you can do any, all, or some of the following to earn ballot entries:

  1. if you haven't already, like me on facebook and/or instagram (this is essential so that i can message you if you win! see social media buttons below)
  2. like and/or comment on my hat giveaway post on facebook and/or instagram 
  3. share my giveaway post on your facebook page
  4. repost my giveaway on your instagram feed, tag @lalabugdesigns and hashtag #hatgiveaway (posting a screenshot is totally fine)
  5. peruse my new website and leave a comment on the blog (this is very helpful for me! oh and make sure to use your full name so that i can find you if you win)
  6. *BONUS* leave a comment in any of the three places about the hat you'd like to have created and if i especially love your idea i will throw your name in 2 more times :D

the giveaway runs from Sept 22 to 11:59pm on Oct 12, 2017.  a winner will be randomly selected on Oct 13 and will be contacted via the media platform in which the winning ballot was selected.  the prize includes free shipping, so there will be no cost to the winner unless they wish to upgrade their hat past the $400CAD value limit.  the hat will be created in January, 2018.  if the randomly selected winner does not claim their prize by midnight on Oct 22, 2017, a new ballot will be drawn. 

i am SO excited to see who wins!!  much luck and love to all of you and thank you so much for your support.

xo rena